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James Lofton

James Lofton on the comeback game.

"It's funny, because we had played them week before. They were a good team; obviously, when somone is up on you like that, you're not thinking, 'We can come back.'

"When we started second half the way we did, it was, 'OK, this is about over, I guess."

On the special bond that team had:

"I remember when I got there in '89. The had made the AFC championship game the year before. So a fire had been lit, from the time Jim Kelly arrived, and it was just starting to grow. I think everyone could sense that. I remember being on the sidelines and hearing that MIghty Taco song. I remember actually singing it. You had the "Let's Go Buffalo" chants. There was a wave of enthusiasm."

"We found unique ways to win every week. Yeah, we had  a great offense, but good defensive players and really special special teams players in Steve Tasker and Mark Pike. So there were a lot of elements that always added up, and then a unique coach in Marv Levy.

"He was probably the smallest coach in the NFL, we never talk about this. He also he seemed like the oldest and he was the smartest."
On feeling like the crowd lifted the team.

"You certainly could. I always go back to the first time we ran the no-huddle. It was the 1990 season, the home opener against the Colts. We moved down the field, gained 50 yards or whatever, and we had to call timeout because the crowd was too loud. We couldn't even hear Jim screaming the signals out. They were going crazy. It was like, what are we watching? We love it, we don't know what it is and we're crazy about it.There was that infectious quality about the city all the time.

"Remember how everybody seemed to have a TV or radio show? That speaks volumes about the interest in that team."

Lofton said one of the reasons Andre Reed was able to roam free and score three TDs was that the Oilers paid close attention to him.

"The week before, we had gone down there and I caught seven or eight passes (it was actually six for 75 yards). They decided to roll coverages over toward me. They kind of left Andre singled up in the slot, and people don't normally do that. He had two or three TDs on plays that should have been covered by standard coverages."


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