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Pat Morris Day

The Bills' new offensive line coach ought to be a favorite in South Buffalo. Pat Morris, an Irishman through and through, is a big fan of St. Patrick's Day. In fact, when he was the offensive line coach for the Lions, Morris had a clause in his contract that guaranteed him St. Paddy's Day off -- with the stipulation that he wouldn't have to resume work before noon the next day.

Morris revealed Thursday that there was no such arrangement with the Bills' new head coach, Doug Marrone.

"No, Doug didn't want to put St. Patrick's Day in my contract," Morris said with a laugh. "I didn't ask."

That doesn't mean Morris, who traces his roots to County Mayo, won't honor his favorite holiday. He has every intention of celebrating St. Patrick's Day. Knowing how hard NFL coaches work, he'll probably need a break a couple of months from now. Marrone is half-Irish on both his parents' side, so he's not likely to stand in the way of his O line coach.

"I'm in charge of the itinerary," Morris said. "I know that. I think it's on a Sunday this year. You can help me out with some of the places I need to go."

Morris asked if there was a St. Paddy's Day parade in Buffalo. I told him not to worry about that. There's a parade every year down Delaware Avenue every year. But my sources at South Park High recommend the Old Neighborhood Parade in South Buffalo.

He was right. It is on Sunday this year. Maybe I'll be Pat's host. If so, I'll have to put in with the editor for March 17 off -- straight through to noon on Monday.


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