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Reed On The Comeback

Here are some excerpts from my interview with Andre Reed on the Houston comeback game. I got him in the press box at the Rogers Centre the day the Bills played Seattle:

On the fourth-and-5 play that pulled the Bills to within four points, 35-31, late in the third quarter. Reich hit Reed for an 18-yard TD in the middle of the end zone. It was the second of three straight Reich-to-Reed TD passes that day. The last came late in the game and gave the Bills a 38-35 lead. They eventually won in overtime, 41-38.

"Probably the biggest gamble in Marv's career," Reed said without hesitation. "Coaches  take gambles in every game, but I think Marv, the way he thought about that play at that time of the game. It was either yes or no, there was no in-between. It was executed perfectly.

"It gives me chills just thinking about it. I remember being in the huddle on that fourth-and-5. We didn't say hey, we have to make this OR ELSE. It was just, 'Let's make this and go get the ball back' and that's the way it was. It sounds stupid, but that's how we looked at it. It was, 'What were we going to do next?"

"You talk to a lot of the Oiler guys and they're like, 'We gave it to them. There's nothing given to youi in the NFL. You got to go out and take it. You got to earn it. The fans were definitely a part of it. But they could have put two football teams out there at that time and we still would have found a way to win that."

On the third touchdown, when sent four receivers down the seams and hit Reed for a TD after looking off safety Marcus Robertson:

"That third touchdown, he said it was just a little look this way.  Just that little bit and that was it. Frank  was the kind of quarterback, he knew the offense, he knew the plays, and he prepared like that all week, like he was going to go in regardless. I don't think some backups do that now. 

"Marv had all the confidence in the world that Frank knew the offense. I think he knew the offense more than Jim (Kelly), if you ask me."

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