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Video: 'Bucky & Sully Show' by segment, including Christian Laettner interview

News Sports Columnists Bucky Gleason and Jerry Sullivan interview National Collegiate Basketball Hall of Famer Christian Laettner, discuss recent Bills move, and talk about the Eastern Conference playoff race in the latest episode of the Bucky & Sully Show.

Laettner on "The Shot":

Laettner on upcoming youth camp at Nichols:

On the latest Bills roster moves, including the release of quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick:

On West Virginia quarterback Geno Smith and other potential moves for the Bills in the upcoming draft:

On Buddy Nix being pranked:

On the Sabres' veteran core:

On the Sabres' team chemistry:

On Tiger Woods' recent victory:

Quick Hits:

Good Reads:

Bozos of the Week:

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