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Video: 'Bucky & Sully Show' by segment

News Sports Columnists Bucky Gleason and Jerry Sullivan host a live weekly show at 10 a.m. on Here is a replay of this week's show:

On shirt colors and birthdays:

On Terry Pegula interview and Darcy Regier:

On NHL Draft and Sabres' options:

On Stanley Cup Final and Patrick Kane:

On Scotty Bowman's work:

On Aaron Hernandez and how his situation will affect Pats:

On AFC East:

On Bills QB situation:

On Jim Kelly's jaw surgery:

On NBA Finals and Chris Bosh:

Lebron vs. MJ:

On Doc Rivers trade:

On NBA Draft:

On Wimbledon:

On Cashman vs. A-Rod:

On Josh Hamilton:

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Live chat at 1 p.m.: Sully on Sports

Live video at 10 a.m.: 'Bucky & Sully Show'

Watch a replay of this week's show, broken down by segment, by clicking here.

Locke for the All-Star team?

Matt Harvey has been all the rage this season, and for good reason. The Mets' young righthander leads the NL in ERA and strikeouts. Harvey has electric stuff and is drawing comparisons to a young Dwight Gooden. He's the popular choice to start for the NL in the All-Star Game at Citi Field in New York.

But you don't hear much about another second-year pitcher whose stats are very similar to Harvey's. This kid is the No. 1 reason why the Pirates are rolling along with the second-best record in baseball: Jeff Locke, the 25-year-old lefthander from Conway, N.H. Check out the numbers:

Harvey: 16 starts, 7-1, 2.05 ERA, .188 opposing BA
Locke: 16 starts, 7-1, 2.06 ERA, .199 opposing BA

Hey, maybe Locke will show up on the cover of Sports Illustrated one of these days? All right, so he's nowhere close to Harvey as a power pitcher. Harvey has walked 24 and struck out 121. Locke has a pedestrian BB-K ratio of 41-67. That suggests that Locke has been fortunate on balls hit in play and runners stranded. But it's hard to argue with a guy who is keeping teams off the scoreboard.

Maybe more baseball fans should stop talking about putting Yasiel Puig on the All-Star team after three weeks and show respect for obscure young stars who have been doing it all season -- in this case, for a winning team.


Live chat at 1 p.m.: Sully on Sports

Live Chat at 1

Just a reminder that I'll be chatting live from the News at 1 p.m. today. Sorry if you were looking for the Bucky and Sully Show at 10 a.m. Bucky is on vacation and Harrington had baseball commitments. The video will return next week at its regularly scheduled time.

Be gentle today. I'm hurting about my Spurs.

Live Chat at 1

I'll be chatting live today at 1 p.m. As you're probably aware, Harrington and I did the video yesterday at 1. Bucky was off. Check out the video archives if you have time. Plenty to talk about today: NBA and NHL finals, Yankees-A's, U.S. Open golf, Bills minicamp (I actually went twice). Whatever's on your mind, even my top 100 all-time record albums (are they still called records, or albums?).

Bring it on.

Live chat at 1 p.m.: Sully on Sports

Video: 'Bucky & Sully Show' by segment, with guest host Mike Harrington

News Sports Reporter Mike Harrington filled in to host this week's episode of the "Bucky & Sully Show" with News Sports Columnist Jerry Sullivan. Here is a replay of this week's show:

On Patrick Kane and Stanley Cup final:

On NBA Finals & Popovich:

On Tiger & Sergio feud, Phil Mickelson:

Guest Budd Bailey on Bandits Coach Darris Kilgour being fired

On Bills minicamp and the QB battle:

On Fred Jackson, new coaching staff:

On early practices at St. John Fisher College:

On Tim Tebow signing with the Patriots:

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Live video at 1 p.m.: 'Bucky & Sully Show' w/ guest host Mike Harrington

Watch a replay of this week's show, broken down by segment, by clicking here.
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