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More people going "online?"

      The other day I passed a house and noticed laundry hanging on a clothesline. I don't think
I've ever seen that at that particular house before.

   I was reminded of a story I wrote last July on people who prefer to dry their clothes
outdoors. It saves energy, there's no shrinkage and the smell of sheets is wonderful, they
told me.

   It's also nostalgic, brightens whites and is a form of exercise.

   There are some drawbacks, weather and allergens such as pollens being just two of them.
And some townhouse, condo and single-family developments do not allow clotheslines.

   Still, I wonder if more people, in an attempt to go "greener" at home, are deciding to
hang their laundry outdoors.

   Maybe that's what the people who live near me have in mind. Then, again, maybe their dryer
was broken.

   Has anyone gotten hooked on solar drying?

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