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Back to the front?

Some people enjoy the privacy of a back deck in the summertime. Others prefer a front porch, never dreaming of giving up their front row view of neighborhood happenings.

Either way, one reader has noticed that people in her Williamsville neighborhood seem to be rediscovering the fronts of their homes  --- gathering on the porch or front steps on summer evenings, giving their backyard patios or decks a rest.

Some even are creating new front yard spaces, such as stone patios, as a place to enjoy coffee on weekend mornings.

This is the topic of my "From the Home Front" column in today's Home & Style section.

Certainly, many people in WNY always have enjoyed time on their front porches, and some new builds feature them as well. In fact, a porch may be a big reason why they even bought the house in the first place --- be it in Buffalo, East Aurora, North Tonawanda or elsewhere.

But if you're seeing signs of people migrating to the front yard again --- especially in suburban areas where decks and patios have long reigned --- we would like to hear about it.

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