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Dog days of summer

   I love our dog. His hair on my kitchen floor, not so much. Daily vacuuming has become a routine during this shedding season, which is a bit of a chore because our hard-working vacuum weighs a ton.

We also have an electric, bag-less stick vac that is lightweight enough for our 9-year-old to use. But it just doesn't seem to do the job.

Get a Swiffer!, my friends tell me. I may have to explore that option.

We also don't have much luck with those rolls of lint tape for removing pet hair from cushions. It seems so wasteful. Again, we haul out the vacuum.

I know there are all sorts of gizmos on the market designed for removing pet hair. Pet-owners talk about this stuff.

What works for you, or is the pet hair winning? In the meantime, I'm off to brush the dog. Outdoors.

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