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Battling Bishop's weed

Bishopsweed Just this week, I heard two people complain about the spread of Bishop's weed in their gardens. One I know inherited her green-and-white Bishop's weed with its whitish flowers from a previous homeowner, who apparently had planted it as ground-cover.

One of the suggestions I read on the Internet for eradicating it: First smother, then pray.

In terms of its tenacity, I think I got the point.

Sure, there are some people who like the look of Bishop's weed (also known as goutweed and other names), especially when it's entirely contained to an area.

But many want it gone. Forever.

Short of bringing in a bulldozer or moving to a new house, has anyone found a successful way to get rid of -- or at least control -- Bishop's weed?

Is it even possible? Share your experiences, please.

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