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Musical beds

   Whenever we have out-of-town houseguests, we always have a grand old time figuring out where everyone should sleep. We used to have a guest room, but we converted it into a playroom/computer room.

  Now we have an air mattress, a pull-out sofa bed in the family room and, most recently, something called a bedroll, which is a polyester-filled cushion a bit smaller than a twin bed. The living room sofa is pretty comfortable, too.

  In the past, we have given up our bedroom for houseguests. We also have kicked our daughter out of her own bedroom for a visiting preteen or teen, usually one who sleeps late even though the dog is scratching outside the bedroom door and the 9-year daughter is complaining: "When is he going to wake up? I NEED to get something out of my room."

It's all a part of the fun of having company, something I talk about in today's column. 

I suppose we could also pitch a tent in the backyard, if necessary.

What do you do when overnight guests come calling?


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