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Shopping strategies

   As the school year arrives, what parent isn't looking for ways to cut spending on children's clothing and supplies?

   From taking advantage of store coupons to checking out consignment shops, families are trying to find ways to save.

   One local mom of three who runs her own professional organizing business tells me that less is more when it comes to clothing.  I know what she means. My daughter gravitates toward the same couple outfits in the colors she loves. If she could get away with wearing them inside out, she probably would.

I include other ideas in my column today. If you have some strategies that others might find helpful, this is a place to share them.

And, in Saturday's Weekend Life section, be sure not to miss Jennifer Rung's story on even more creative ways to save money. One local savvy shopper hasn't paid for toothpaste in two years, thanks to rebate offers.

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