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Give'em the boot?

Bootiesmall1 A friend of mine yesterday complained to me about the shoe-bootie trend so popular in fashion this fall.

Styles vary greatly, but shoe-booties generally hit right below the ankle or in the middle of it.
Some resemble a man's oxford but with heels. Others have peep toes, zippers, laces and other details. Many are high-heel platforms. The skinny 4-inch stiletto is popular, but other heels are chunkier and stacked.

My friend doesn't like any of them.

"They are so UGLY!," she screamed. She had just returned from New York where she saw them in store windows and on women's feet.

"They're wearing them with above-knee skirts -- or even higher -- but unless you're a model, they look hideous," she continued.Bootiesmall2_2

I'm seeing them in catalogs often shown with tights and slim pencil skirts hemmed right below the knee. I showed her one picture, where the model wore all black.

"Not bad, because the look is monochromatic," my friend said.

I agreed. By the way, the two styles shown here are from Ferragamo.

Are shoe-booties for you?

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