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You go, geraniums!

Last weekend while shopping at an outdoor market, I saw people wheeling out carts of mums. As one who loves decorating our porch and surrounding beds for fall, I admit I was tempted.

But I told myself to wait a week or two, maybe even more. The containers I planted late last spring are still looking good. Maybe not as good as a month ago, but not at all bad.

Nor am I ready to decorate our front door with the autumnal spray of silk cattails, Chinese lanterns, berries and leaves I bought last fall. And I'm not even thinking about pumpkins (although those Halloween-theme catalogs keep arriving).

The official start of fall is less than two weeks away. And the kids are back in school, of course. But I'm not ready to give up on my summer containers and hanging baskets quite yet.

The mums will have to wait.

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