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It's colorific!

Db06020046_final08_2 Firewood. Traffic Jam. Potato Skin. Swamp Fig. These are some paint colors from Dutch Boy's fall lineup. Don't you just love the names?

And that's not all. How about Jam Session (shown left); Grandma's Fragrance (another shade of purple); Route 66 (grayish neutral), or Submarine (mossy green)?

Equally entertaining are lipstick colors, which always tickle me pink. The line of Urban Decay's lipsticks includes such colors as Hotpants (medium pink) and Jilted (hot pink). Clinique offers such shades as Pink Penny and Baby Kiss. Or look for Cover Girl's Pick-Me-Up-Pink, Mauvelicious and Toast of the Town. And, of course, Revlon's Raisin Rage and Paparazzi Pink.

But, honestly, can anything top Cherries in the Snow?

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