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White noise

  There are far more important things to worry about in this world than whether or not it's OK to wear white after Labor Day.

But people still think about it --- especially when they're dressing for work or a special occasion, as opposed to hanging out around the house in white shorts on a hot September day.

I don't wear white sandals after Labor Day. It just feels too summery to me. I wouldn't wear head-to-toe white linen this time of year, either, although I have donned my black linen pants a few times.

Old fashion rules aside, doesn't it all come down to fabric, style -- and a little common sense? Who's going to wear a white linen suit come January -- in Buffalo? A white scarf and hat, yes.

And winter white for the holidays is lovely -- but stay away from the salsa!

Then, again, it's unnecessary to get hung up on such things. So go ahead and wear that white jacket if you feel like it, as I write about in my column today.

But you might want to think twice about those white shoes ...

Where do you draw the line, if you draw it at all?

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