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A messy Election Day

I wanted to make Election Day morning an exciting one for our 9-year-old. First, she went along with me at 7 a.m. to vote. Then we went out to breakfast together before I dropped her off at school.

But a clear sign that it's very difficult to think about anything BUT the election today happened as we left the coffee shop: I placed my coffee and her leftover strawberry smoothie -- which I planned to finish off -- on top of the car while I unlocked the door.

The coffee made it into the car; the smoothie did not.

"What was THAT?" I said to her, after hearing an odd thump and crunch outside the car as we exited the parking lot.

"My SMOOTHIE!" she screamed.

(So that was what the man walking his dog was pointing at as we drove by him. And I thought he was waving.)

I was thinking about the election, I told our daughter who was now laughing hysterically.

I turned the car around, picked up the smashed cup and tossed it into a nearby trash can.

Get the feeling today is going to be a very, long day?

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