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Staying home

11986101h34155031_4  Less clubbing. More chili nights, potluck dinners, even Wii parties at home. That's what one writer says she and her friends are up to these days.

  "My friends and I are turning our homes into the new hangouts," writes Jenee Osterheldt in a commentary piece on page C2 in today's Home & Style section.

   Not that book clubs, game nights and scrapbooking parties are anything new. But, as Osterheldt suggests: "The uncertainties of a slowing economy seem to have forced us all to slow down, think about what's important in life and reintroduce ourselves to quality time."

Are you getting together with friends at home more often? Do you have a special night set aside for movies, cards or crafts? Please share your thoughts and ideas with readers.

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