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Put some clothes on

Last weekend as I was running errands, I spotted a couple people wearing shorts.

I was not entirely surprised. One teen-age girl was wearing them inside a store. The other, a grown man, sported them at a casual restaurant at lunchtime.

I've known teens who shun coats, boots and hats on cold days -- even though they own them. And even my 9-year-old often tries to convince me she doesn't really need to wear boots.

They keep the sidewalks clear at school, she tells me.

But back to those people in shorts. What are they thinking?

Here we go again

Jumpsuits are back, as I write in my column today, and some of us had a pretty good time talking about the one-piece creations from our past.

"I have pictures!" one friend said.

I actually liked jumpsuits; the ones I wore were post -1970s style. So easy and comfortable. My mom and aunt wore toned-down designs as well.

With jumpsuits back in style, would you ever wear them again? Or is it just a memory to you?

Getting lippy

I don't remember playing with my mother's lipstick as a little girl (although there was the hair incident when I cut off my bangs and stuffed them into her dresser drawer).

Even today, I am more likely to smear on a dab of The Body Shop's Vanilla Spice Lip Balm than any life-transforming lipcolor.

Don't get me wrong. I DO own lipstick. And I really enjoyed talking to women about lipstick for my story today, and gathering tips on picking the perfect shade, etc.

Have you found your perfect lipstick?  Do you shop for lipstick at the drugstore or cosmetics counter? And please share your favorite shade because the color names are so much fun.

Kiss Me Coral, anyone?

Deck the halls

I recently talked to a woman who decorates six Christmas trees in her home. Wow! Being somewhat of a minimalist, I found this fascinating.

When it comes to holiday decorating, do you go all out - or keep it simple? What tips have you learned through the years? And, finally, when do you decorate for the holidays?

In my neighborhood, for example, I saw more than one tree up even before Thanksgiving. What a contrast to the days when some people put up their trees Christmas Eve.

Does anyone wait that long anymore?

Passion for purple

B001jknpzm_b1 A friend today let me know about a Web site she heard about that sells everything PURPLE!

Purple duct tape. Purple clocks. Purple clothes. Purple paperweights. Purple Christmas trees.

There's even a bumper sticker that reads: "Anything purple is mine. Everything else can be dyed or painted."

"Purple is a lifestyle," its creators tell us.

Check it all out at the Purple Store,