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Magnetic attraction

12250042H4084643[1]  There was a time when I rarely hung anything on the refrigerator door. Now I always do it. I simply have not found a better place to stick up reminders for meetings, appointments, etc. - especially with a school-age child in the house, as I write about in my column today. From the Home Front

But once the memo has expired, I take it down and send it off to the recycling bin. I like to see my refrigerator door now and then.

"You are NEVER coming to our house," a co-worker said to me this morning. Apparently their refrigerator door is covered with outdated notices, old Christmas cards, ancient photos -- those sorts of things.

What is your refrigerator door looking like these days? Does it double as a photo gallery, message center, bulletin board? Or is more like the one shown here?

The painted ponytail

 12215941H26340[1] One of my first experiences with painting a room was when I was about 4. My parents were painting my brother's bedroom, and I was checking things out. At one point I turned around, twirling no doubt, and my ponytail brushed across the freshly painted wall.

Oh, well. 

We all have experienced paint mishaps, but it's the success stories we are focusing on today! I have had great luck reviving old tired furniture with fresh paint - sometimes in fun colors. See today's From the Home Front

What painting projects are you most proud of??