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Soda jerk jargon

728-inset1[1] Hamilton Beach, which has been designing drink mixers since 1911 (including this modern one), shares with us some "soda jerk jargon" dating back to the days when everyone looked forward to sipping a malt at the local soda fountain or ice cream parlor.

* Requesting the soda jerk (server) to "Shake one van and mash it" meant you ordered a vanilla shake with mashed bananas.

* "Spit in it" meant you wanted raspberries mixed into your drink.

* "Spit on it" meant raspberries on top of a drink.

Other jargon: Gravel (nuts). Fuzzy (peaches). In the hay (strawberry milkshake). Sand (sugar). Draw one (coffee).

 This cracked me up (and made me hungry!)

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