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Ah-ha! Maybe the reason I've been thinking about Lemon Up shampoo (see previous post, please) is because I've been seeing so many side ponytails lately!

We all wore them as preteens (usually with some sort of hideous fuzzy yarn hair accessory!). I've seen the hairstyle resurface from time to time ever since.

Last night, Katy Allen -- wife of "American Idol" winner Kris Allen -- wore the hairstyle. Carrie Underwood's recent glamorous take on the side ponytail made the list of the "Top 10 2009 Celebrity-Inspired Prom Hairstyles."

And for our daughter's recent dance performance, one of the hairstyles she and the other girls were asked to wear was -- you got it! -- the side ponytail.

You know something? They're cute!

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