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Mother knows best?

MP_logo_tagline_4c gif  Looking for some low-budget decorating ideas? Need tips on planning a baby shower?
Wondering where's the best place to keep the new pet guinea pig?

   Mamapedia has some answers.

   With Mamapedia, moms everywhere can ask a question or search a topic and garner tips from
those with plenty of advice: other moms. As the home page promises: "Over a million answers
from moms who've been there."

   The site covers parenting, finances, house and home and several other main topics, under
which you will find a huge array of subjects: painting, pots and pans, summer camps, piano
lessons, first-grade crushes, kitchen appliances, you name it.

   According to the site, Mamapedia is a compilation of answers from moms who have shared
their real-world wisdom through local Mamasource online communities over the past two years.

   So while experienced moms certainly don't have all the answers -- nor should they! -- they do have invaluable on-the-job training.

   Check it out at No registration or fee required.

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