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Fooled by fashion

Summer sales are in full swing, so last weekend I decided to devote an hour - no more - to finding a fabulous bargain or two.
Within minutes I hit the jackpot. The skirt was long and a black-and-brownish animal print of some type - two things I love. It was marked WAY down. I tore into a fitting room, tried it on, loved it but noticed two things: 1) it was down to my ankle bones (odd, because I'm almost 5-feet-7 so length is rarely an issue), and 2) the waistband was wider than usual.

I bought it anyway.

Later on, at home, I tried it on again. Something was fishy. Then I realized - this wasn't a skirt. It was a dress. The wide waistband was actually a smocked top one was supposed to pull up into a strapless dress with empire silhouette.
And the dress now swirled just below the calves.
I didn't want a dress. I wanted a skirt. I took it back. So much for shopping on the fly.

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