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Frugal and funny

12483261H18278[1] Pass this one along: "Hedges are prettier to look at than hedge funds."

This is just one of the insights from the new book: "40% Off is the New Black: Reasons Why Less is More," by Lisa Birnbach (of the "Official Preppy Handbook" fame), Ann Hodgman and Patricia Marx (Andrews McMeel Publishing, $9.99).

A few others from the book:

  * Your pets wouldn't like you more if you were rich. (I mention this one in my upcoming Sunday Current column.)

* Double coupons are sort of thrilling.

* If you keep the lights turned off, dust won't show as much.

* C'mon, it will be fun getting your car up to 300,000 miles!

* If you call a hotel and ask for a better rate, they might just give you one.

* "Less" is easier to clean up than "more."

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