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Bathblaster[1]If you think these are freezer pops, you are wrong. They are scented soaps -- Soapylove soapsicles, to be exact.
I saw them in Romantic Homes magazine, and while many adults will get a kick out of them, kids especially will love lathering up.

Which raises the question: Won't kids want to eat them?

It makes sense not to let kids lick the soaps, but if they do, here is what their creator writes on the Web site, "Sometimes kids want to taste the soaps because they look like freezer pops. If they do, the soaps are totally harmless if swallowed. My recommendation is to explain to the child that it isn't food and they usually get it."

 The Soapsicles shown here are Bath Blasters, and the layers smell like cherry, lime and berry. Other designs include Pink Grapefruit, Orange You Cute, Peachy Keen and more.

Visit the Web site for more information on designs, ingredients, etc.

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