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Trash talk


"I accidentally threw it away!"
These are words no one wants to hear. Toss-out mishaps is the topic of my "From the Home Front" column today.
When I was telling a friend about it, she turned sad and told me how her husband accidentally threw away an envelope that contained a clipping of their son's baby hair from his first haircut. (This isn't a photo of their son, but it sure is cute!).
Books of stamps, important receipts, unsigned permission slips from school, unplanted tulip bulbs in a bag in the garage, kids' retainers (wrapped in a tissue or napkin, no doubt) -- all so easy to toss in the trash or recycling bin.

What have you accidentally thrown away?

For Fiesta fans!

Fiesta Paprika
Paprika is the newest color for Fiesta. The Homer Laughlin China Company, makers of Fiesta dinnerware, introduced it at the recent International Home & Housewares Show in Chicago. Last year's color was lemongrass. A shade called chocolate debuted in 2008.

I don't collect Fiesta -- not yet, anyway -- but I love these colors. And it's made in America. The company is headquartered in Newell, W.Va.

Paprika dinnerware will be available this summer. For a store list visit

Sparkle and shine

13169262H6127036[1] I've taken a hiatus from blogging, but what better time to get back at it than Oscar Night? I was at the office writing about Red Carpet fashion, but one friend I know hosts a party each year.

 And it's all about critiquing the dresses.

Sounds fun - and no newspaper deadline to meet! Bet there's good food, too.

But we're here to talk about the gowns. Did you have a favorite? One you thought was horribly wrong? And if you got together with friends for the Oscar bash - or gown-bashing - tell us about it.