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Couric under the microscope

  The unauthorized biography, "Katie: The Real Story" comes out today and it's a brutal, one-sided look at the woman who now sits in Walter Cronkite's chair on the "CBS Evening News."

Author Edward Klein takes Couric to task for everything from the length of her skirts to the men she dates.  Much of the book reads like the gossip that spreads around any workplace, and since gossip is rarely flattering, it paints Couric's behind-the-camera behavior as being the polar opposite from her on-air perky and friendly persona.

One thing is true: As Katie Couric nears a year as the only woman anchor of the top 3 network newscasts, she's struggling to find an audience.

What's your take on all this - were you a Katie fan when she was on the "Today" show, and are you a fan  now? Does she deserve all the scrutiny and criticism she's received in the past year? Or is she particularly vulnerable because she's a woman in a male-dominated business?

- Susan LoTempio


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