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A Little Traveling Music

Jim Lorentz said he retired from the Buffalo Sabres broadcast booth Tuesday because he is tired of the traveling after 43 years as a player and broadcaster. Can’t blame him. At least he ended his broadcasting career with a strong playoff performance last season.

Now the Sabres are essentially auditioning former players Matthew Barnaby, John Tucker and Mike Robitaille over the next three radio-only preseason games for the analyst job alongside Rick Jeranneret.

Robitaille is the more experienced of the trio, but that doesn’t necessarily make him the favorite. Barnaby was a fan favorite when he was a Sabre and had some national TV exposure after he left to play for other NHL teams. Tucker is the least-known quantity among the three potential replacements.

Of course, radio broadcasts of Sabres preseason games don’t generate huge listenership.

Who do you want to see land next to Jeanneret?

-- Alan Pergament


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