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It is All Yours

The fast-moving premiere of the Channel 2 and Web program, “Your Today in Western New York," certainly couldn't be confused with the morgue-like magazine shows that Channel 7 carries.

Channel 2's first show Monday featuring WKSE-FM personality Janet Snyder and Channel 2 personalities Chesley McNeil and Kevin O’Neill and their laptop computers was more than a little frantic. That probably isn’t surprising, since the show needed to explain the format, which allows internet viewers to interact with the show and send such newsworthy messages as this flattering one: “Janet, I have seen you in person and you never age.”

The opener of the show, which is primarily aimed at moms and other female viewers, was loaded with cheerleading messages and cried out for a “Saturday Night Live” parody. But I’ll give it a few more days before giving it a full review.

The behind-the-scenes moments carried on on a brief delay while WGRZ-TV was in one of its frequent commercial breaks were more amusing than anything the cheerful and energetic trio did that was carried on the broadcast station. During the breaks carried on the Web site, Snyder was concerned about her appearance, her dog and whether there was a garbage can nearby.

Heaven knows, there was enough trivial garbage on the opening show that needed to be picked up or thrown out. In one comical Web site moment, Snyder addressed the show’s on-set producer, Mike Geller: “Geller, try not to look like you are going to throw up.”

Funny line. But I’m sure he wasn’t alone.

By program’s end, Geller was throwing out statistics about the number of people online. “People honestly like the show,” he claimed.

Honestly, it is too early to tell whether its popularity will extend beyond friends, mothers and other relatives of the show’s personalities.

-- Alan Pergament

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