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Back in 'Boston'

     We should know by now to trust in David E. Kelley. Off-season casting changes on "Boston Legal" made me nervous that the revolving door of characters would disrupt the great acting chemistry on the show that has numerous awards including Emmys for James Spader, William Shatner and Christian Clemenson. I felt for sure that the great John Larroquette might be such a big presence that he would take over the show.

     No need to fear. Kelley has, at least in the first two episodes of "Boston Legal,"  seamlessly melded his new additions -- Larroquette, Saffron Burrows and Tara Summers -- with Spader, Shatner and Candice Bergen. Larroquette is, in fact, being slowly worked into the episodes, allowing us to only have glimpses of this enigmatic character. But by the end of episode two, we realized this seemingly one-dimensional "mean man," as he's called by the meek characters portrayed by Christian Clemenson and crossdresser Gary Anthony Williams, is much more than he appears. This season should be another fun ride.

     "Boston Legal" airs at 10 p.m. (give or take a minute, depending on the "Dancing With the Stars" results show) Tuesdays on ABC.

-- Toni Ruberto

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