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'CSI: Miami': It's all in your head

     I fell for it. Again.
     Promise me the return of a long-gone TV character (even if they're dead) and I'll tune in no matter how obvious a ratings ploy it is.
     You don't need to be a "CSI: Miami" viewer to have heard the buzz about the return of the long-dead Tim Speedle (Rory Cochrane) in Monday night's episode. I haven't watched the reality-challenged show in a while, but was intrigued by seeing Speedle (OK, seeing Cochrane) again. I tuned in even though I knew his reappearance would most likely be in a dream or through the use of another dumb plot device. I wasn't far off.
     If you caught last year's short-lived series "Raines," where Jeff Goldblum played a detective who talked to his late partner and other dead people, then you get an idea of how Speedle was worked back in for an episode.
     Cheesey and cheap, yes. And I feel really silly for tuning in. But it's not the first time and won't be the last. What shameful ratings ploy have you fallen for in the past?

-- Toni Ruberto         

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