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New shows, new lows

   Sorry to say, but the new fall shows have been hugely disappointing. Some are even dreadful. And  there's not a fresh or creative idea among them.

  The worse I've seen so far:

   On ABC: "Dirty Sexy Money" and "Big Shots" - both are vulgar, crass and stupid. "Private Practice" is not one-tenth as good as "Grey's Anatomy." (What a complete waste of talent for "Private Practice's" cast.)

    On NBC: "Chuck" - how many different ways can I say stupid?
    On CBS: Well, except for "Shark," I don't watch much on CBS.

    On Fox: I can't believe that Kelsey Grammer and Patricia Heaton were so desperate for work that they would appear on a sitcom as bad as "Back to You." The show is about as lame as TV gets.

  The only hope for the season? That older shows like "House," "Grey's Anatomy," "Boston Legal" and "Friday Night Lights" can stay fresh and interesting, and dare I say it, even be a little unpredictable.

If not, then reality shows will totally take over, and it will be time to turn off the tube forever.

-- Susan LoTempio


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