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Fans Left Out in the Cold in Ice Bowl Coverage

My 23-year-old son went to Tuesday's Winter Classic and told me watching Pittsburgh's 2-1 victory over the Buffalo Sabres in Ralph Wilson Stadium was an incredbile experience.

Unfortunately, NBC's coverage of the game didn't attempt to document the depth of the fans' experience beyond several crowd shots.

There were no interviews with any of the 73,000 in attendance battling the elements. And with all the stoppages for the game to fix the ice, there certainly was time to send a reporter into the stands to capture a little color.

The inability for a TV viewer to fully comprehend what those attending were experiencing was one of the few disappointments in NBC's coverage of the game and Western New York's weather.

I have my say about NBC's coverage in today's paper. What did you think of NBC's Bob Costas, Mike Emrick, Ed Olczyk, Mike Milbury and the coverage?

-- Alan Pergament


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