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When Anchors Begin to Weigh You Down.....

Everybody knows we have a tradition in our neck of the woods of jocks trading on their instant recognizability to run for political office.

Whatever you think about it, it's an established fact of life in Western New York--Jack Kemp, Ed Rutkowski and now, apparently, with his hat in the ring along with his trunks, "Baby Joe" Mesi.

So why, then, not a veteran Buffalo anchorman, whose name recognition would whip any miscellaneous boxing contender or even backup Bills quarterback (a starting Bills quarterback like Kemp is another story entirely. There is no local celebrity quite like that one.)

Which leaves all those pols wondering what might happen if the likes of Don Postles or Scott Levin might run for office (at the moment, that would require a 180-degree change of plans for both. They've opted out). That's why I wrote today's TV column about Postles in TV Topics.
So what about that?
Not to mention the future of the excellent and terminally embattled Katie Couric--and Larry King besides?
Feel free to have your say here.
--Jeff Simon


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