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But who was in it? That's what watchers of the season finale of "Criminal Minds" on Wednesday night want to know.
We've pretty much left cliffhanger season (see my Sunday column in TV Topics) -- those big dramatic and frequently death-dealing finales that allow TV shows to shed cast members. So while most TV watchers were watching the mildly surprising outcome of the Battle of the Davids on Wednesday night's "American Idol," some of us were having a typical May network question dropped on our heads for fuller summertime contemplation, i.e., whom did "Criminal Minds decide to send to eternity (i.e. off the set and to the unemployment lines?)"
So while some dramatic terrorists on the show blew the SUV to kingdom come, we don't know who was in it. In Cliffhanger County, you're not supposed to find out until the show resumes in the Fall, but you can bet that the antfarm of showbiz info and commentary that swarms ever-so-busily over Hollywood soundstages will unearth that particular crumb long before then.
Best guess? The pregnant agent played by A. J. Cook and her new boyfriend from The Big Easy. That would probably be a gruesome development in the show but then this is a show whose stock-in-trade is the profoundly gruesome. And they were the cast members who, frankly, added least to the mix.
The biggest mistake? To me, it would be the disappearance of Garcia, the cyber-smartiepants and virtuoso hacker played by Kristen Vangsnes and the only character on the show capable of giving it much-needed wit. Like Pauley Perrette on "NCIS," she's worth her witty weight in dramatic gold--and then some.
--Jeff Simon


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