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Great Ending for Idol on WUTV

If Simon Cowell can apologize, so can I. "American Idol," which was hit by a significant local drop during the season, made quite a comeback over the last few weeks.

The bloated two-hour finale Wednesday -- in which David Cook was named the winner over David Archuleta at the very end -- had a 21.2 rating on WUTV, which was about 8 percent than the rating for the 2007 finale. The rating hit a high of 26.0 in the final 15 minutes and still was a 24.6 when Cook performed after 10 p.m.

The most shocking thing of the night wasn't Cook's win, but how few people seemed shocked by it since Cowell had said during Tuesday's performance show that Archuleta had won the singing competition by a knockout.

You almost wondered if the two Davids had been tipped off earlier so they could handle the suspense more easily.

To be perfectly honest with you -- as Cowell might say -- I became suspicious that some people knew who had won before Ryan Seacrest made the announcement when Cowell apologized to Cook for being too hard on him Tuesday night. Either Cowell knew or suspected that Cook had won or he apologized to help Cook's future record sales.

Am I alone on this theory?

-- Alan Pergament   

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