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Beijing Games a Hit in Western New York

How big an attraction are the Beijing Olympics to Western New Yorkers?

Would you believe, Channel 2's prime time coverage out-rated the Buffalo Bills preseason opener Saturday against Washington on Channel 7?

The Games averaged a 16.2 rating on Channel 2, while the Bills game averaged a 14.7 rating on Channel 7.

Naturally, the 16.2 rating was the lowest-rated of the first three prime time nights. Despite competing against the Bills, Channel 2 was getting Olympic ratings higher than the national average of 16.2 for the first two nights.

The opening ceremonies averaged a 20.1 rating on Channel 2 on Friday and Sunday's taped women's gymnastics coverage and live coverage of the United States' incredible comeback victory over France in the 4X100 men's freestyle race led to a 20.9 rating.Channel 2 also is drawing incredible daytime audiences.

For a review of NBC's coverage of the first three nights of the Games, read Tuesday's Buffalo News.

-- Alan Pergament   

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