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Color Me Impressed by Beijing Ceremonies

Well, I've just finished watching this morning's performance part of the opening ceremonies at the Beijing Olympics on CBC and it was as visually spectacular as promised by NBC's Bob Costas.

I imagine the spectacular colors in the one-hour presentation directed by Chinese filmmaker Zhang Yimou will be even more incredible in high definition when NBC carries it at 7:30 tonight. CBC's coverage isn't carried in high definition on local cable.

Speaking of NBC, it was practicing some unnecessary censorship this morning on "Today," pretending that the opening ceremonies weren't happening this morning.

"This one promises to be perhaps the most memorable of all the opening ceremonies I've witnessed," said Costas shortly before they began.

While CBC's Peter Mansbridge and Ron MacLean were discussing the four Chinese inventions -- gunpowder, paper, printing and the compass -- that would be celebrated in the opening ceremonies on CBC, Costas and "Today" host Matt Lauer were giving a preview of the ceremonies.

Of course, most of America can't get Canadian coverage and didn't know what it was missing.

If you watched this morning, what did you think of the ceremonies? Or do you plan on waiting for NBC's coverage tonight?

-- Alan Pergament

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