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Bumpy Local Start for NBC's "Heroes"

The low local ratings for the return of NBC's confusing drama "Heroes," may be as scary to the network as some of the suspense in the show's two-hour season premiere was to fans.

Up against the extremely popular CBS and ABC Monday night lineups, "Heroes" finished third in its time slot here and only averaged about a 5.2 rating on Channel 2 for its one-hour clip show of the past two seasons and its two-hour premiere. However, the true tale will arrive with the demographics, a category where "Heroes" usually does better than it does in household rating.

The two-hour premiere of ABC's "Dancing with the Stars" -- which was "highlighted" by the comic performance of 82-year actress Cloris Leachman -- tripled the ratings of "Heroes" with a 16.0 rating on Channel 7. However, that lead-in didn't help "Boston Legal," which averaged a 6.2 rating at 10 p.m. in its new time slot. Still, "Legal" beat "Heroes" here.

Of course, the big 10 p.m. winner was CBS' "CSI Miami," which received an 18.0 rating on Channel 4 for an episode that explained how Horatio Caine (David Caruso) faked his death in last season's finale. It was the highest-rated CBS series Monday. All the CBS comedies did well here, with "Two and a Half Men" getting a 15.1 rating and the premiere of the new comedy "Worst Week" getting an 11.4 rating.

-- Alan Pergament

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