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Gibson, Palin and Saturday Night Live

Here's one thing that Democrats and Republicans can probably agree upon. ABC's Charles Gibson and Republican vice presidential nominee Sarah Palin certainly provided "Saturday Night Live" with a lot of material for the season premiere in Thursday night's interview.

Gibson, who was granted Palin's first interview since she was selected as John McCain's running mate, might be skewered for his use of words like "existential" and "hubris," his often barely audible questions and what some Republicans might consider his superior attitude.

Palin, meanwhile, is susceptible to jokes about her inability to describe the (President) Bush Doctrine, her mistaken suggestion that many other vice presidential candidates haven't met world leaders, her scripted answers and how many times she called the interviewer "Charley."

Gibson is going to interview Palin again tonight and possibly provide more material. On Thursday night, he exceeded the expectations of journalists who feared that he would throw softball questions to Palin by testing her with key foreign policy questions.

Several network analysts Thursday night and today felt that Palin struggled somewhat with Gibson's test  but doubted that it would bother her supporters.

One doubts that  "Saturday Night Live" (which debuts with a cameo appearance by Democratic presidential nominee Barack Obama) and the other late-night comedy shows -- which don't worry about appearing impartial -- will be as supportive.

-- Alan Pergament      


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