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Gov. Palin Has Funny Take on SNL

One imagines that "Saturday Night Live" may find a way during Weekend Update to respond to Gov. Sarah Palin's reaction to last week's opening skit featuring Tiny Fey as the Republican vice presidential candidate and Amy Poehler as Sen. Hillary Clinton

The Alaska governor told Sean Hannity of Fox News in an interview that she didn't have the volume on but thought the opening was "spot on."

Normally, you might have expected a newsman to follow up and ask Gov. Palin why the volume wasn't on. But Hannity is a Republican apologist who threw repeated softballs at the candidate and wasn't about to challenge an answer that was bound to draw skepticism.

I'm guessing many viewers -- though probably not Fox viewers -- saw that exchange and thought: "If you believe that answer, then I'll sell you a bridge to nowhere."

What do you think of Gov. Palin's critique of the "SNL" skit?

-- Alan Pergament


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