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Hole in the Wall Scores Here

It isn't exactly up there with "you're fired" from Donald Trump, but former Channel 7 weathercaster Mark Thompson delivered a memorable line several times in Sunday's sneak preview of the silly Fox game show, "Hole in the Wall."

Before the contestants launch their bodies inside the cutouts made in a wall or fall into a pool of water, Thompson enthusiastically proclaims: "It is time to face the hole."

Local viewers seem initially taken by the broadly-comical reality show, which not surprisingly is based on a Japanese hit. It averaged a 6.9 rating Sunday, finishing second in the time slot behind only the NFL game on NBC. And it had the same rating at the end as it did in the beginning, indicating viewers couldn't turn away from the silliness co-hosted by Thompson and actress Brooke Burns.

The show has another preview Tuesday before settling into its regular 8 p.m. Thursday time slot. More on it and Fox's schedule in Tuesday's Buffalo News.

-- Alan Pergament

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