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Olbermann Move the Right One

If NBC News president Steve Capus had taken my advice in late July, he wouldn't have had to make the embarrassing move of replacing MSNBC's Keith Olbermann and Chris Mathews as anchors of political coverage and giving David Gregory the job.

You may recall that Chris Wallace of Fox News questioned having Olbermann anchoring the coverage, essentially telling critics in July that Olbermann's constant bashing of President Bush and all things Republican on his popular program disqualified him as an objective anchor and journalist.

At the time, Capus said viewers understood the difference in Olbermann's roles and added it wasn't an issue back then.

The Wallace-Capus debate was No. 9 on my list of 10 issues raised at the television critics tour. In a column that ran July 23, I said Wallace had a point and added "Olbermann shouldn't be anchoring political coverage."

Capus finally agreed. Gregory, who is the model of objectivity, will anchor MSNBC's coverage of the presidential and vice presidential debates and on election night.

-- Alan Pergament


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