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Scary Analysis During the Bills Games

CBS play-by-play man Gus Johnson and analyst Steve Tasker might have struck fear in the hearts of Buffalo Bills fans with a few of their late observations in the Bills' 20-16 victory over Jacksonville Sunday.

After Bills receiver James Hardy caught the winning touchdown pass from Trent Edwards to give the Bills a 17-16 lead, Tasker speculated that Hardy's toe might have touched the end zone line when the Jags challenged the play.

There was no angle to support that claim, which is why the TD counted. It was just an example of how hard Tasker -- a former Bills who still works for the team -- tries to be impartial when working Bills games.

Johnson provided an even scarier suggestion, briefly speculating that the Bills might not try a 45-yard field goal in the final minute while holding a one-point lead, 17-16. If the Bills tried to get a fourth down and failed or if they had punted, the Jags would have only needed a field goal to win and every Bills fan knows that can be done.

After Rian Lindell made the field goal to give the Bills a 20-16 lead, the Jags needed a touchdown to win.

What did you think of the announcers' speculation Sunday?

-- Alan Pergament

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