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The Pressure Is On for Palin Interview

The pressure is on tonight when Republican vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin is interviewed by ABC News anchor Charles Gibson during the 6:30 p.m. newscast. And it's not just on the Alaska governor.

It's also on Gibson, who some political and media experts believe was chosen to do the interview by the staff of presidential candidate John McCain because he will be less likely to ask tough questions of Palin.

You may remember that Gibson and George Stephanopoulos were criticized in April for asking Democratic candidates Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton questions about past gaffes rather than issues in a televised debate.

Tonight and Friday -- when the interview continues -- Gibson will be judged by fellow journalists about  how fair he is and whether he tries to get Gov. Palin to talk about some sensitive issues for the first time she became Sen. McCain's running mate.

He has some extra pressure, too, from a rival network. The premiere of this season's "Saturday Night Live" is Saturday and it is bound to spend considerable time on Gov. Palin and the presidential contest. Some "SNL" fans even are hoping that Tina Fey will show up and do a Gov. Palin impression. Gibson's performance will be fair game for comedy, too.

After tonight's interview, tell me what your impressions of Gibson's performance.

-- Alan Pergament         

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