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Ch. 4 Returns to Cable, But Will News Viewers?

The owner of Channel 4 and Channel 23 and Time Warner Cable finally made a national deal today that immediately put the stations back on local cable.

That means most Buffalo Bills games and such popular CBS programs as "Criminal Minds" and "CSI" are back on cable.

Now the question is whether news viewers will return to News 4 Buffalo, which had been the No. 1 news station in town for years until this dispute knocked the station off of 50 percent of the market.

In the almost four weeks since Channel 4 was off cable, it has fallen deep into third place behind Channel 2 and Channel 7. The former Channel 4 viewers who have sampled its competitors now have to decide whether they will come back to the station.

If you were a Channel 4 News viewer, will you return?   

-- Alan Pergament

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