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Things Can't Get Much Worse

How big a TV draw is feature film actor Christian Slater in Western New York?

Not much of one if you consider the ratings for his overly-complicated new NBC series, "My Own Worst Enemy."

In movie parlance, "Worst" didn't open well. It's a confusing mess of a program that isn't even easy to explain or care about.

Slater plays two characters -- a family man and spy -- though he initially didn't realize he had two identities in the same body. The premise is so confusing that viewers almost had to watch the opener to get involved -- and they didn't bother here.

The show bombed locally with a 3.9 rating on WGRZ-TV, the NBC affiliate. It got less than half of the audience of first place "CSI:"Miami," the CBS series which averaged an 8.9 rating here even though half of WNY can't get Channel 4. ABC's "Boston Legal" almost doubled the "Worst" rating with a 7.4 rating on Channel 7.

If national ratings are just as bad, Slater's show could be on the road to quick cancellation. However, NBC has so many prime time problems that it may have to keep "Worst" on.

"Heroes," which once was a hit and has become increasingly violent, only had a 5.4 rating here Monday as the lead-in for Slater's show. However, it usually scores well nationally in key demographic categories.

What did you think of "Worst" if you were one of the few who watched it?

-- Alan Pergament


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