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Breaking Up Wasn't Hard to Do on "Grey's"

Talk about a quick breakup. The end of this season's lesbian relationship on "Grey's Anatomy" Thursday between Dr. Callie Torres (Sara Ramirez) and Dr. Erica Hahn (Brooke Smith) was so abrupt that it didn't give the two characters much time to deal with many issues.

In the episode's next-to-last scene, Erica broke up with Callie as they walked out of Seattle Grace Hospital together. Erica was angry that she didn't get Callie's support on an ethical issue involving the heart stolen by Izzie Stevens' (Katherine Heigl) in an unsuccessful attempt to save her beloved heart patient Denny Duquette (Jeffrey Dean Morgan, who kept popping up in fantasy scenes).

Erica wanted to launch an investigation that would have put Izzie's career and the hospital in jeopardy. She blasted Callie on the ethical issue and coupled it with a shot aimed at Callie's bisexuality.

"There is no gray area here," said Erica of the stolen heart that was originally intended for her patient. "You can't kind of think this is okay. You can't kind of side with Izzie Stevens and you can't kind of be a lesbian."

"Yes, I can," responded Callie.

That led Erica to deliver one of the classic breakup lines used by many: "I don't know you at all."

Callie stood speechless after that line as Erica walked away.

Creator Shonda Rhimes has said the relationship ended because of creative reasons, but it deserved  to be dealt with over a few episodes or at least a few scenes rather than just one argumentative scene.

What did you think of the relationship and how it ended?

-- Alan Pergament   

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