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Edwards Brings Local Viewers Back to "ER"

The return of Anthony Edwards to NBC's "ER'' as Dr. Mark Greene brought many local viewers back to the series in its 15th and final season.

In the episode, Dr. Greene appeared in flashbacks unsuccessfully treating the sick son of Dr. Cate Banfield (Angela Bassett) years ago after she delayed bringing him to the emergency room. It had a local rating that was about 50 percent higher than "ER" has received recently on Channel 2. The 14.9 rating was even higher than the 13.5 rating that  ABC's "Grey's Anatomy" had an hour earlier on Channel 7.

I called the very sad episode -- in which Dr. Greene discovered that the son of the future emergency room chief was much sicker than she suspected -- moving and hauntingly effective. Dr. Greene died of brain cancer six seasons ago, which is why he appeared in flashbacks in scenes that had applications to a current case involving a child that Dr. Banfield was treating. 

What did you think of the episode? Did it live up to your expectations? And will it bring you back to "ER" for the series' final episodes?

-- Alan Pergament

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