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ESPN Treats Buffalo Well

After many national prime time telecasts involving the Buffalo Bills, fans usually can find something to complain about.

But ESPN's coverage of the Bills' 29-27 loss to the Cleveland Browns Monday night was respectful of the area and its fans and mostly on the money when dealing with game strategy.

Of course, the ESPN announcing trio of Ron Jaworski, Tony Kornheiser and Mike Tirico is predisposed to embrace Western New York since Jaws is is a Lackawanna native, Kornheiser graduated from Binghamton and Tirico graduated from Syracuse University.

So it wasn't surprising that they all had nice things to say about the area -- with Kornheiser even saying that people in this country root for small cities like Buffalo and Green Bay where "the weather is tough and there is not a lot of money and you need to be resolute and hardy."

Understandably, Jaworski didn't have nice things to say about Bills quarterback Trent Edwards and some questionable coaching decisions. His job is to be opinionated and he was on the money almost the entire night.

What did you think of the ESPN coverage and its announcers?

-- Alan Pergament

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